Tamron Hall Responds to Fans Pleading For Her NBC Return In Wake Of Megyn Kelly Controversy

The requests came after current 'Today' co-host Megyn Kelly's asinine commentary regarding blackface.

Tamron Hall
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| October 26 2018,

1:35 pm

Fans are asking former NBC Today Show co-host Tamron Hall to return to her position at the popular morning show after Megyn Kelly's recent controversial comments regarding blackface

According to recent reports and a Friday morning retweet from The Today Show, Kelly will likely not be returning to NBC to host Megyn Kelly Today. On Tuesday, the former Fox News host stated on-air that blackface is acceptable for Halloween under special circumstances.

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During the talk, Kelly apologized for her statement after fellow panelists shared the discriminatory history behind blackface. Kelly's Today colleagues Al Roker and Craig Melvin condemned her comments on Wednesday.

Kelly's asinine commentary left viewers demanding Tamron Hall replace the former Fox News host. When Hall learned she was being ousted in 2017 by Kelly, she exited her 9 a.m. slot without a formal farewell.

Amid the controversy, Hall reunited with former co-host Al Roker, stirring fans' and media attention.

The 48-year-old media veteran recently tweeted directly to a fan who asked what Hall had been up to, indicating now would be the time for NBC to make amends.


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