Tank Receives Backlash For Performing At D.C. Gay Pride Event, Dismisses Critics

Why did some people have an issue with this?

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| May 30 2017,

4:37 pm

Tank performed at a Gay Pride event in Washington D.C. over Memorial Day Weekend and apparently, his fans weren't too happy about it. Tank has never shied away from the fact that he supports the LGBT community, but I guess performing for the crowd was too much for people to take from him. 

Over the weekend, Tank performed shirtless for a crowd of both and women at the event.

Despite having a wife and children, it was deemed by online critics that this performance must automatically mean he is gay too. 

Although her received backlash, there were still people defending him.

Tank doesn't seem to be fazed by the hate.  After wrapping up his set at the gay pride event he declared, “If they ever ask you where I stand, tell ’em I stand right the f**k here! God bless you."

I definitely think this opens up a conversation about homophobia. 

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