It screened last weekend to what I heard was a packed, engaged audience here in NYC. I couldn't make it, but I believe Curtis did, so we might get a review from him eventually.

But the film is now available on home video, released just yesterday as a matter of fact. So you can order a copy if you're interested and/or curious.

From author, radio and director Tariq Nasheed, comes the documentary, Hidden Colors 2: The Triumph Of Melanin, a sequel to last year's Hidden Colors: The Untold History Of People Of Aboriginal, Moor, and African Descent.

The film features interviews with leading scholars and historians across the USA, each discussing topics that have been "omitted from modern history books," focusing on the following areas and more:

*The origins of the Olmec and Mayans

*The truth about the prison industrial complex

*The economic warfare against aboriginal people

*Untold American history

*Secret medical practices against people of color

And much more.

The documentary also touches on many of the reasons why much of this information has been hidden from the public for so long, say the producers.

This film will be of interest to everyone, regardless of race or ethnic background, because the rich history of the people discussed is world history. And world history is all of our history.

Hidden Colors 2: The Triumph Of Melanin is the second film in a series, which started with Hidden Colors, was released in April 2011, in select theaters across North America. It was Tariq Nasheed's directorial debut, and is also available on DVD currently.

Below is the trailer for Hidden Colors 2: The Triumph Of Melanin. To order your copy of part 2, click HERE.