Taye Diggs opens up about being ridiculed by classmates and being called white in the latest episode of TV One’s Uncensored.

In the clip below, Diggs talks about how he’s been bullied by other Black classmates growing up, who called him “white” instead of accepting him. He said how hurtful that time was for him.

“It was a painful, period. Once I figured how to manipulate situations, I made a habit of studying people so that I don’t feel less than,” he said. “So that as soon as I realized certain Black people were calling me white, I made it about them and I didn’t change who I was and I just went harder.”

He said he also endured similar treatment from women when became an adult.

“It was a trip though because when I came to New York, people that didn’t even know my history, women, would say, ‘You only date white girls don’t you?’ But they didn’t even know me,” he said. “I never got the answers that I wanted but I would dig deep and say why do you see that? Is it because I speak like this? [They would say] ‘No, it’s a feeling I get.’ I don’t know if it was their insecurity…but that’s happened more times than not.”

Check out the full clip below:

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