Taylor Bennett has a big brother (Chance the Rapper) killing the rap game on every level but don't sleep. He's good with the bars, too. But more importantly than brotherly competition, Taylor is focused on brotherly love. While on
Sway in the Morning, Taylor gave away an exclusive live performance of "Chance Song"

And it's all about life with his big brother.

He raps about his brother's influence on his life, watching him ascend to superstardom. And to be completely honest, it's real brother goals. I'm an only child and I had to text my closest cousin right after I heard it for the first time

Then Taylor went on to kill off 10 beats in a row.

Like I said, Taylor is a lyricist in his own right. And just like his brother Chance, the young artist's time in the sun is just over the horizon

Photo: Youtube
Photo: Youtube

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