Today marks 32 years since Dorothy, Blanche, Rose and Sophia first gathered around the kitchen table of their fictional Miami home. Since then, The Golden Girls have been serving cheesecake, laughter, and quick witted realness well into syndication. In honor of this landmark date in 1985, here are 10 reasons why we still ride forThe Golden Girls:

1. Back in 1985, when the show first aired on NBC, The Golden Girls tackled controversial topics that other shows refused to address.

2. Upon witnessing the consistent savagery of one Sophia Petrillo, the black delegation unanimously agreed to draft the Sicilian elder as one of our own. She gladly accepted.

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3. With her no nonsense attitude and dry humor, Dorothy Zbornak was an easy second draft choice.

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4. We know every scene from the opening sequence.

5. In 2016, at the bequest of the delegation, Finally Aaron was commissioned to provide the appropriate gospel remix to the legendary Golden Girls theme song.

6. Blanche Devereaux is the OG.

7. ...and she may have invented the slut walk.

8. Low key, Rose Nylund was the shadiest one.

9.Fashion icons!

10. The hilarity was contagious and the love was so real.

Although we can't help but wonder what a black version would be like with our favorite aunties Jennifer Lewis, Loretta Devine, Alfree Woodard and Cicely Tyson, we will keep running back the classic like its 1985.

Happy 32 years Golden Girls!