As you already know, Ice Cube has long been talking about another installment of the Friday franchise, with New Line Cinema backing it; the script is being written, and, as recently as last month, Cube had reportedly locked Chris Tucker into returning to reprise his role in the first film.

Although, in an interview we posted last week, Tucker didn't seem too keen on returning for a 4th film, stating:

“I don’t know. … Me and Cube, we’re talkin’ about it. They’re workin’ on a script… I don’t think it’ll be as special as the first one… We’ll see what happens, but I doubt it. … I don’t know if we can find that magic again."

However, another actor who appeared in the last Friday movie (Friday After Next), Terry Crews, said in an interview earlier this week that he was definitely going to be the next Friday movie.

While at a WWE anti-bullying campaign event in Beverly Hills last week, the folks at Nerd Reactor caught up with the Expendables 2 star, asking him whether the character he played in Friday After Next would cameo in the upcoming 4th movie. And this is what he said in response:

"Oh hell yeah, more than just a cameo. You’ll see me in the movie for sure."

No confirmation of this from Ice Cube or New Line yet, but he seems certain that he is going to be in the movie.

In Friday After Next, Crews played Damon Pearly, the homosexual ex-convict son of Ms. Pearly (Bebe Drake), who just got out of prison after twelve years.

Also, Crews is attached to Scary Movie 5, which Malcolm D. Lee is directing; and he'll be providing the voice for a character in the sequel to Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs, titled Cloudy 2: Revenge of the Leftovers.