A Texas elementary school student was asked to cut off his locs per the district's dress code policy, and his mother is fighting back.

Yahoo reports Jonathan Brown, who attends Spring Valley Elementary School in Hewitt, Texas, was sent home with a letter explaining why the 6-year-old must cut his hair. His mother, Tiffany Brown, took to Twitter to share the note and express she has no plans of obliging the school's request. 

"Retweet, so this won't happen again! This is the note the school sent home in my son's backpack. I will not cut his hair," Brown wrote. "He does not want it cut, so why should I cut it? How does his hair affect his ability to learn?#notmyhair"

In a statement to the news website, Brown said she believes children of color are targeted often for the way they wear their hair, and locs are an expression of African culture. Blavity reported a similar story about Andrew Johnson, a teen who was forced to cut his locs during a wrestling match or forfeit the game. 

“Children of color have been targeted for many years because of what others see as the norms in our society,” she stated.

“Because of these norms that are blinding people in our society, some people have stated that dreadlocks are a fashion statement and my child should conform and express himself when he’s older. Dreadlocks are part of my African culture, not a fashion statement," Brown continued. 

In another tweet, she explained her son was asked to cut his hair before the first day of school following the holiday break on Tuesday.

"My 1st grader was asked to have his hair cut before returning back to school on Jan. 8th! #notmyhair," she captioned an adorable photo of Jonathan.

The mother shared a series of tweets explaining her son was called to the school's office to speak with the assistant principal about Christmas. 

"My son went from loving his hair one day and not caring the next. After returning to school on Jan. 8, he stated his teacher was phoned in the classroom. The call came from the assistant principal. She said she wanted to talk about Christmas," she wrote.

During the interaction, her son was instead asked about his hair.

"However, The A.P. had a private talk with my son about his hair. In the recording you can see and hear his frustration. Reminder, on Jan. 7, the reporter came and asked him about his hair, and he said he loved his hair and didn't want it cut," she continued.

Brown also shared a 16-minute video of her conversation with her child where he expressed frustration about needing to cut his hair.

"Only after the private meeting, he hates his hair. My son also informed me that the A.P. showed him the news vid and said I was being mean. That's NOT OKAY," she argued.

The district issued a lengthy statement to Yahoo outlining its policy and arguing the dress code is not discriminatory because it applies to all students.

“Midway ISD has implemented dress and grooming standards for decades. The policy is established to teach grooming and hygiene, prevent disruption and minimize safety hazards," the statement read.

According to Midway Independent School District’s policy, students are not allowed to wear their hair past their ears or collar. 

"Even when the policy has incrementally evolved through revisions over time, the length of male students’ hair has been a subject of periodic debate over several decades. In other words, male students wanting to have long hair is not new," the statement continued.

“Nevertheless, what IS new is a social media claim this past weekend that Midway’s hair code is racially discriminatory. Since the code applies to all students, it is not discriminatory in intent or by legal standards," Midway ISD concluded.

Jonathan's mother plans to fight for the rights of her son and other students to ensure their protection. 

“My plans are to go as far as needed to ensure the rights and liberties of every child are respected and protected,” she added. “Not only for children of color, but for every child.”

When will they get it? Don't touch our hair!

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