Each year, news headlines include the names of Black people killed at the hands of police. From Sandra Bland to Freddie Gray, the list of Black people dying in police custody grows longer. Unfortunately, the officers involved are often not prosecuted, let alone convicted. Fortunately, that trend may not apply in the death of O'Shae Terry.

Eight months later, a Tarrant County grand jury has elected to charge a Texas police officer with homicide for his involvement in the death of a 24-year-old Texas resident named O'Shae Terry. If convicted, My San Antonio reports that the officer responsible for the shooting faces anywhere between 180 days and 24 months in prison.

Once the charges were made, Terry's estate attorney, Lee Merritt, said, "We are certainly happy that there will be a chance for some form of justice in this case." He also added, "But if anyone else had done this it would have been murder."

In a statement released to CBS Dallas, the Arlington Police said, "The Grand Jury's decision, irrespective of the outcome, is viewed as an additional factual piece of information to consider by those responsible for the administrative investigation of this incident."

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Terry was shot and killed on September 1 in a suburb outside of Dallas, Texas. According to the Fort-Worth Star Telegram, Julie Herlihy initially pulled Terry over for a standard registration violation. During the traffic stop, Herlihy noted that she smelled marijuana in the car and Tran was called in. After Tran approached the vehicle for backup, Herlihy went back to her car while Tran waited by the car. After waiting for a period of time, Terry allegedly rolled up his windows. In response, Tran attempted to place his hand inside the car and then took it out to grab his firearm. From there, Tran appears to have fired at Terry. Afterwards, Terry was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Terry was not the only victim of police violence in the area last September. Less than a week after Terry's death, Botham Jean was murdered inside of his home by a police officer who alleges she walked in to the wrong apartment by mistake and was startled. The officer involved in that case, Amber Guyger, has not been convicted yet, but has since left the police force.

Tran has been placed on administrative leave until the Arlington Police Department's administrative investigation is complete. 

A complete video of the tragic traffic stop can be found on The Dallas Morning News YouTube channel. However, please be aware that the video you may see is graphic.

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