1. “Live it Up” ft. Bluu Suede

Making an audio note to self, Rapsody details the benefits of her future success – from luxuries in her travels to support and improved conditions for her family. She captures the ambition that drives many MCs to do what they do.

  1. “Feel Like (Love Love)” ft. Common

The two artists here are rappers, but they come together with producer Ka$h to make a track as smooth as any R&B song. On it, Rapsody refers to classic movies that showcased black love to describe her relationship. Common brings the track home with a verse that couldn’t fit the beat any better.

  1. “Betty Shabazz”

Talk about a lyrical barrage. On this track, Rapsody proves that she deserves to be in conversations about the best lyricists – in both the technique and content of her rhymes. She channels the spirit of Betty Shabazz, the educator and widow of Malcolm X and rhymes with plenty of confidence.

Photo by Young Guru via Rapsody Instagram
  1. “Dark Knights” ft. Wale

On this track, Rapsody uses several Batman-related metaphors to explain her place in hip-hop. Wale follows her lead on the Bruce Wayne theme and delivers plenty of wordplay about the shifts in his public perception.

  1. “Hard to Choose”

Rapsody shares a lot about herself and the world she lives in on this track. She addresses racial dynamics, the struggles faced by black girls, the barriers she faces as a woman within hip-hop and more. Her content merges with her trademark wordplay to form one of her best songs yet.

Photo via Rapsody Instagram
  1. “Fly Girl Power!” ft. Estelle & James Fauntleroy

With this track, Rapsody shows that she can still impress on tracks that are more uptempo. She shifts her flow and delivery to match 9th Wonder’s beat. The contributions from Estelle and Fauntleroy add on to the track’s greatness.

If you wanted to hear more of Rapsody following “Complexion,” let these songs get you started. There’s no doubt that she’s an MC that deserves to be in the forefront of culture. Let’s make sure we play our part in her come-up.

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