The revival of Porgy & Bess on Broadway is apparently doing incredibly well at the box office, so much that the producers of the show announced today that they will extend the musical's run, which was originally scheduled to end on July 8, to September 30!

Wow – an almost 3-month extension! It must be doing really well for them to have that much confidence that it'll continue through the fall.

According to an e-mail from the producers to the New York Times the show has seen "overwhelming popularity and demand;" and, by the way, the stars of the show, Audra McDonald (as Bess) and Norm Lewis (as Porgy) are confirmed to stay on with the show through its extension!

I still haven't had a chance to see it yet, and don't know anyone personally who has; but this means that I'll have even more opportunities to do so before it shuts down.

The musical has grossed $6.2 million to date, since previews began 7 1/2 weeks ago. It cost $8 million to produce on Broadway, so it very well should earn back and even far surpass its budget by the time September 30 comes around.

Which leads me to wonder whether, with its stage revival success, might we see another filmed version of it eventually? 

Who knows.

Anyone seen the show yet? If so, thoughts?