Angela Rye appeared on CNN’s Cuomo Prime Time to discuss a trend of attacks made on Black female journalists by President Donald Trump.

With Niger Innis, the opposite of a spokesperson for the Congress of Racial Equality, Rye found herself having to condemn the Trump supporter’s language when talking about an incident when Trump repeatedly and condescendingly told American Urban Radio Networks reporter April Ryan to "sit down" when she tried to ask a question. 

“I think he misstepped,” Innis said of Trump’s actions. “But Ryan is a little different. She’s been spicy with the president.”

“Let me help you on spicy,” Rye started. “It’s a flavor of hot Cheetos and buffalo wings, not a human being asking questions and demanding accountability from the highest person in the land. Spicy is not what you call a human being who’s asking a question and demanding accountability from the highest office.”

Innis laughed.

“So now I’m a bigot?” Innis said. “Really Angela?”

Rye buckled down on her remarks. 

“Spicy is not what you call a human being,” Rye buckled down. “That’s not it.”

The most recent case of Trump’s aggression was illustrated when PBS reporter Yamiche Alcindor asked the president if his rhetoric is evidence of the Republican Party supporting white nationalist ideas. Trump responded by refusing to answer and instead called her question racist

Twitter users quickly went to bat for the journalists, showing their support for the women while lambasting Trump for seemingly targeting Black female reporters. 

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