It’s official: T’Keyah Crystal Keymáh, best known for playing Tanya Baxter on That’s So Raven, is reprising her beloved character in the sitcom’s spin-off, Raven’s Home.

Keymáh, who starred as Raven’s mom for the first three seasons of the original Disney Channel series, will make a special guest appearance in Raven’s Home upcoming season 5 finale, per ET Online. The episode, which will feature a Baxter family reunion of sorts, is set to air later this year.

Tanya Baxter has been living in England as a lawyer.

While speaking with Entertainment Tonight back in May, Raven Symoné gave an update on her TV mom’s whereabouts.

“Tanya Baxter is still in England,” she said. “She is getting her full life as a lawyer and she sends money home, so thanks, Mom. How do you think we have this big house in San Francisco? Off a restaurant? I don’t think so!”

The actress also opened up about her and Keymáh’s real life relationship.

“T’Keyah and I still have a lovely relationship,” Raven shared. “We talk enough to know that we’re still in each other’s lives.”

Raven is happy to bring the characters back to their 'That’s So Raven' roots.

“You know, when we started the first season of Raven’s Home, we really wanted to tell people that this wasn’t a reboot,” Raven said in a previous interview with Shadow and Act.



“It’s a different show with similar characters, but a different show. This time you guys…we are home! We are with dad, we are with family and we have some amazing characters coming back from the original That’s So Raven, so this is closer to a reboot….[well] anything but still not a reboot. We don’t like to call it that [laughs].”

She added, “We are having such a good time on the sets that I grew up on and being able to watch new characters thrive in these sets and create new stories to add to the beautiful cake that’s already been created there is just…we have a great day, every day of the week.”