Cellist Sheku Kanneh-Mason was one of the highlights from the royal wedding.

The 19-year-old's talent was on full display for the world sparking even more interest in the young man's life. What many may not know is that he comes from a family of talented classical musicians that have practiced perfecting their craft for years.

All seven of the Kanneh-Mason siblings can play multiple instruments. Every inch of the Kanneh-Mason family's Nottingham, United Kingdom, home has been turned into multiple practice rooms.

Since 2015, the young musicians have been making heads turn with their beautiful sound. They received thunderous applause when they appeared on "Britain's Got Talent" a few years ago. There is a slew of viral videos all across YouTube and social media showing off their years of hard work.

Isata, the eldest of the seven, is a world-class pianist who attends the Royal Music Academy on the Elton John scholarship. She prepped for a performance on the same day Sheku performed at the royal wedding. 

Braimah is a violinist who also attends the Royal Academy along with Sheku. The other children — Konya, Jeneba, Aminata, and Mariatu — are budding young musicians who aspire to be like their older siblings.

Take a look at some of their performances: