The Notorious B.I.G.'s Kids Are Carrying On His Legacy With These 'BIG' Business Moves

We look at and honor the part of Biggie's legacy he's most proud of — his children.

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| May 21 2019,

5:50 pm

Whether you refer to him as Big, Biggie Smalls, Big Poppa and of course Notorious B.I.G., the Brooklyn-born king of New York needs no introduction and continues to be known as one of the greatest rappers to ever live — periodt.

Born Christopher Wallace on May 21, 1972, Biggie's musical influence extends past his home borough. His raw storytelling and poetic acumen made even his most shocking lyrics easy for the world to embrace. Unfortunately, Biggie's success was short-lived. At only 24 years old — almost three years after the debut of his first album Ready to Die — Biggie was murdered in Los Angeles while promoting his upcoming sophomore record, prophetically titled Life After Death. The hip-hop icon who was taken too soon left behind two children and a collection of timeless hip-hop music, which continues to be celebrated and cherished by fans of all ages. We can only imagine the hits he would've continued to amass were he still alive, but Biggie's daughter T'yanna and son CJ have found creative ways to continue their dad's legacy.

T'yanna Wallace, the baby girl who Biggie rapped about "putting five carats" in her ears and hustling to feed in "Juicy," is now 25 years old and has a hustle of her own. She has a resume that would make any parent proud. A Penn State graduate, T'yanna has a degree in business management and has leveraged her fashion by launching a clothing line in honor of her father. Appropriately named Notoriouss — which intentionally includes an extra "s" to add a unique twist to her dad's infamous moniker — the line features clothing inspired by her real-life big poppa's music and career, including a collection of Coogi sweaters she designed in collaboration with Coogi Australia. Launched in 2013, the clothing line also has its own storefront located on Atlantic Ave. in Brooklyn.


On top of being the CEO of Notoriouss, T'yanna also regularly hosts events in an effort to keep her father's memory alive. From basketball tournaments to Sip, Smoke and Paint sessions, T'yanna knows she has a huge name to live up to, and she is doing her part to exceed expectations while making a name for herself.

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Biggie's son, 22-year-old Christopher Jordan "CJ" Wallace caught our attention almost 10 years ago, when he stole the show as young B.I.G. in the 2009 biopic Notorious. Since then, fans have caught glimpses of Christopher in the films like 2016's Kicks. 

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The spitting image of his dad, CJ has also discussed pursuing a career in the music industry. However, earlier this year, he announced his latest business venture: A new cannabis line called Think BIG. 

"Think BIG started with CJ Wallace’s search to understand his responsibility to the legacy of his late father, Christopher George Latore Wallace, also known as The Notorious B.I.G," the company's website states.

Not only is the young entrepreneur leveling up and tapping into the multibillion-dollar and growing marijuana market, CJ and his business partners are also honoring The Notorious B.I.G. by reshaping the negative connotation surrounding cannabis use, in addition to attaching prison reform and social justice to their company's mission.

"Think BIG is also a champion of criminal justice reform for communities harmed by the pointless war on cannabis. Join us as we envision a kind, sustainable, and creative future for our global family and the planet," the mission statement reads.

Biggie conceived T'yanna with his high school sweetheart Jan Jackson and fathered CJ three years later with his wife, singer Faith Evans. Obviously, the Wallace kids' remaining parents, relatives and mentors have guided them in the right direction. Watching these two boss up and walk into their greatness should make every Biggie fan proud. Out of all the music B.I.G. left behind, T'yanna and CJ are his greatest legacies.

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Kudos to them and happy Biggie Day!