The other side of Badu's comments — Why I think self-awareness is revolutionary

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| April 16 2016,

04:30 am

  • Awareness requires us as a society to be responsible for our choices. It requires us to become sensitive to the reality of the collective ignorance and immaturity we hold in regards to the body and sexuality.
  • Awareness requires us to be conscientious about the reality of society’s ignorance of the sanctity of sex and the human body.
  • Awareness requires we be sensitive to the reality that when these conversations present themselves there is an inclination to immediately position men as predators and women as victims. The harsh reality is that boys and men experience sexual violence too. Women commit acts of sexual violence too.

What is hard for me to watch over and over is the blame game. Any time women are asked to be a tad bit accountable on any level there are those who are super triggered, ready to call foul and make accusations of slut-shaming. Can we stop this already? As E. Badu asked, "Can we not be MODEST without feeling SUPPRESSED?"

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