Sanaa Lathan, Morris Chestnut and Michael Ealy are coming to a box-office near you this Friday, September 11th in a suspenseful thriller called The Perfect Guy.

The treachery begins for Leah (Lathan) when she ends her relationship with Dave (Chestnut). She wanted to be married with children but Dave just wasn’t ready. They didn’t want to lose each other, but Leah had to leave.

Losing a man like Chestnut, or Dave in this movie, is something from which some women might never recover. However, Leah’s universe seems to be conspiring abundantly in her favor when she returns to the dating scene and finds “the perfect guy,” or Carter (Ealy).

But, this is not a fairytale — it’s a thriller.

While on a trip, Carter gets violent with a man at a gas station and Leah bails on their new relationship. For revenge, Carter, an IT expert, then tears apart Leah’s life by stalking her, hacking her email and threatening her life.

The Perfect Guy might be the scariest movie ever for any woman who’s been on the dating scene because you can see yourself in Leah’s shoes. Everyone’s been vulnerable after a break-up, so who wouldn’t fall for a well-spoken, handsome man like Carter? To be real, we all know somebody who would take someone with Ealy’s looks even if they had a car note, back taxes and no indoor plumbing.

Check out the trailer below.

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