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I turned down my "race-dar" and this is what happened

Black Twitter exposes white privilege quite often, but race and privilege don’t have a one-sided relationship. Black people can be more privileged than whites in certain aspects — ability to deflect the sun's rays for example. I have been privileged enough to travel extensively. I’ve been to at least 21 countries to date. When I decided to go to Montréal, Canada for New Year’s Eve with...

The Wiz Live! airs Tonight: Black Twitter get ready

The production that still has your parents, uncles and grandparents singing and reminiscing is airing live on NBC tonight. The Wiz has eased on down into 2015, bringing with it some of the best creatives in the business and an amazing cast. The best thing is that because of the live nature of the show, everyone (but especially you, Black Twitter) can offer praise and/or shade via social...

This is the real cost families pay for mass incarceration

"You do the crime, you do the time." That old saying suggests that the time someone spends incarcerated is purposed to balance out the fact that he or she did something illegal. When the time is up, the punishment should be too. In a perfect system, at the end of the sentence, the perpetrator would feel as though the time away from society yielded enough time for reflection on past...