BET+ has announced the premiere date and dropped the trailer for its upcoming drama series, The Porter. The series will bow on May 5.

The Porter is a Canadian drama detailing the civil rights of Black North American railway workers in Montreal and Chicago in the 1920s. The series will follow the workers as they develop a union and fight for their rights to be treated properly.

The series stars Aml Ameen and Ronnie Rowe Jr. as Junior Massey and Zeke Garrett, two railroad porters and friends from WWI who are striving to achieve their dreams while battling against the age's racial discrimination and bigotry

One part of the duo wants to create the first Black union, while the other finds himself tussling with the law as he seeks more power. Both have the same goal of helping their families live better lives.

The series also stars Alfre Woodard, Arnold Pinnock (who also co-created the series), Mouna Traoré, Olunike Adeliyi, and Loren Lott. Woodard also executive produces with Annmarie Morais and Marsha Greene serving as executive producers and showrunners. Pinnock shares the co-creator title with Aubrey Nealon. R.T. Thorne and Charles Officer are also executive producers as well as directors.

The series, which originally aired on the CBC in February before coming to BET+, is part of the CBC’s commitment to showing greater Black representation on Canadian television.

Watch the trailer below: