The Power Rising Summit took over Atlanta this past weekend with black women from all over the country coming to engage. The summit, planned for and by black women, was sold out and packed with celebrities, politicians and activists in attendance. The four-day event drew upwards of 1,000 attendees with the goal of "helping African-American women leverage their political, economic and social power in order to move themselves, their communities and the nation forward," according to NBC.

Among the well-known names participating in the summit were Angela Rye, Cicely Tyson, Chirlane McCray, Luvvie Ajayi, Beverly Bond of Black Girls Rock and political strategist Symone Sanders, plus many more.

There were discussions happening for black women across professions, religion and sexual orientation. Regardless of any of those factors, what was being realized is the power that black women possess economically, politically and socially. We have the power to invoke change. 

“As Alabama showed, we are a force and we come with receipts," Aimee Allison, president of Democracy in Color said noting her excitement about the prospects of Black women strategizing “how to come fully” into leadership roles. "Back our leaders, elevate our issues, and put our voting strength in the center of a multiracial coalition that can take back our country. Ignore us and risk alienating the very voters needed to win."

The summit was filled with amazing moments and even more amazing women. Check out a few below.