Hot off the presses,Queen Latifah’s production company, Flavor Unit, unveiled their first feature entitled Percentage. According to Deadline, the film is “a drama scripted by Elya Ottenberg that marks the first film shot in Flavor Unit Studios”….

The crime drama stars rapper Cam’ron and the younger “Gooding” brother, Omar and was directed by Alex Merkin; the film will center around “two street hustlers” that get themselves caught up in a drug deal gone bad. Sounds like a familiar plotline, folks? Well…ho-hum. I guess off the success (or non-success – however way you see it) of Vh1’s Single Ladies, Latifah continues to go the safe route. I guess on the optimistic side, maybe these offerings are only a means to an end, a small percentage of what is to come. Maybe Flavor Unit has something bigger in mind..who knows.

Are any of YOU looking forward to this film?

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