The music was pretty sparse this episode, but super star Ne-Yo was around to offer some sound relationship advice. Although Lucious attempted to discourage Jamal from thinking about love while following his dreams, Ne-Yo helped put it all in perspective during a recording session where we got a glimpse of a powerful song “Never Love Again.”

I enjoyed hearing Ne-Yo tell Jamal that love can equal serenity — it’s always nice to hear that the person helping Jamal create hits believes in the power of love more than the power of Lucious. Too bad Jamal’s boo, who I was rooting for last week, turned out to be shady and messy. I have to say, getting fellatio on the balcony at his boo’s party is high-level disrespect. I suppose there is a reason that one of the longest running soap operas on TV is titled The Bold and the Beautiful, because Michael is very good looking and well-beyond-bold for that tacky move.

We got a glimpse of Season one Jamal in the heat of the moment and I thought I was going to see him hang someone over the balcony again. Time to say good bye to Michael, it’s too bad Lucious was right.


Speaking of Tacky, Teyana needs a bigger budget and some security so she doesn’t get robbed by razor-wielding selfie fans moving forward.    

Freda Gatz rapping over techno beats as Lucious pretends like he didn’t murk her dad ended up being the inspiration he needed to go to church and watch Andre’s baptism. Enough devil jokes were made in the episode, so I will avoid them and instead focus on how happy I was to see all of the brothers support Andre. He’s suffered so much and he needs a win. The Lord works in mysterious ways, thankfully Freda Gatz “picked the pen up and put the gat down,” otherwise Lucious might have left Andre hanging.


Too bad watching Andre be saved caused Lucious to flash back to his mom, aka Kelly Rowland, singing and drowning young Lucious at the same time in the bath tub. I’m ready for him to confess this family trauma to Andre so they can find some common ground. Last but not least, I’m happy that Hakeem was a gentleman and kept it professional with his latest rising star. However, I cannot pretend for one second that I am not very stressed about his kidnapping. Based off the previews for next week, I’m in full panic mode. If Empire kills off Hakeem I will never watch this show again.  

Some questions I have after tonight’s episode include:

  1. How much deeper can Jamal’s deep-V shirts get before they are full on vests?
  2. What church hosts private baptisms?
  3. Why are the characters on Empire so afraid of the good Lord?

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