It’s (almost) the first of the month.

Do you know where your rent is?

It’s also time for tweets of the week. They’re free, and we won’t put you out. From fan-based calls for reboots of reality TV  to the timeliness of Mariah Carey’s pettiness, we’re happy to tell you Twitter’s still just as reckless as always: 

Aye fam, we don't need any more remakes.

No lips and no manners.

A petty goddess.

At least no one died. …

Support Black film, OK?

We know men are trash, but it ain't that deep, sis. 

Don't let these people "WYD" you to death.

Take that youngin' for ice cream because he needs some chill. 

Meanwhile Unc is paving the way for technological innovation. 


A life (changing) hack.

Black with a capital B. All day, everyday. 

The most versatile word in the English language.

Speaking of…

Stay wildin’, fam. 

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