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Posted under: College Edition Technology
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Being black at a PWI is a struggle. On these campuses, a black student may experience microaggressions and stereotypes all without a space where they can feel as if their voice matters. In fact, there are some schools without a multicultural center, black greek life or any faculty of color to extend their support.

Where can black students at PWIs go for engagement, empowerment and education?

Welcome to The Underrep'd, a website created for black students by black students at PWIs to engage empower and educate one another. The platform is a safe space where students can network with one another, look up statistics on campuses across the U.S. and become inspired by the work other students are doing on their respective campuses.

This website was created by three friends: Aaron Coleman, Tiara Jackson and Kwynn Townsend Riley. During their undergraduate academic career, they experienced their fair share of microaggressions, absence of academic staff support and lack of education from their counterparts about black culture. Fortunately, they had  a multicultural center on campus where they could go and vent about their interactions. However, when Tiara and Kwynn attended the White Privilege Conference they found out that not all schools have a multicultural center. In addition, the three all knew how difficult it was for black students to find out about preexisting black organizations at each school.

The Underrep'd launched in October. If you are a black student at a PWI, you may feel underrepresented, however, you should never feel underestimated. We are powerful when we are together.

Check out the website today!

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