The View‘s rumored new resident conservative Alyssa Farah Griffin had a lot of criticism for her own party while discussing same-sex marriage on The View. The former Trump aide and member of the Republican party said she’s shocked by the number of people in her party who voted against gay marriage.

Alysa Farah Griffin calls out the Republican party for voting against codifying gay marriage

A bill has been passed to codify marriage equality to protect the legal rights of LGBTQ+ individuals and couples, but Farah Griffin says it’s still disheartening at the number of republicans who voted against it. 

“They’re on the wrong side of this,” she stated during a recent discussion on the issue. “On the one hand, I’m pleased that the House was able to pass codifying marriage equality into law, but the number of Republicans that were against it — it’s 2022. This is the easiest issue. Seventy-one percent of Americans are for marriage equality. Sixty-five percent of young people, Republicans under 30, are also for it. I bet the number is even bigger than that. We have lived in a world where that’s all we know. Our friends are married, they have kids —”

Reports say she’s been named as the new permanent conservative co-host

Variety reports that an insider confirmed Farah Griffin is the new co-host, replacing Meghan McCain, who left the show in Aug. 2021. Several guest co-hosts have been tired, including Eboni K. Williams and Lindsay Granger. 

She is set to join the roundtable for its 26th season, which kicks off in the fall. Other sources caution that a deal for Farah Griffin has not been closed yet, but it will likely be. The show has not confirmed or denied the reports as of yet.

Watch the clip below: