Fans of The View would prefer that Michele Tafoya not return as a guest host. The announcement was made that she’d be returning to the round table and after her stint last year and her controversial views, fans of the show would rather not go back down that road.

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Many are guesting whether this is Tafoya’s quest for a permanent seat at the table.

A recap of her guest hosting sting on ‘The View’

In Oct. 2021, Tafoya spent a week in the coveted guest host chair. She famously got into a tiff with the co-hosts over an unvaccinated family member. Fans called her out for her lack of understanding towards science and her views being perceived as spreading misinformation amid the pandemic.

On Day 2 of her hosting duties, the audience booed her. The booing came from audience members after she said Colin Kaepernick deserved to be fired by the NFL due to him taking a knee.

“I think all of us can agree that there is probably a lot to this story we still don’t know,” Tafoya said to the audience. No one was in agreement.

Fans don’t want her to return…at all

As if Whoopi Goldberg missing two weeks on the show wasn’t enough to get the audience in an uproar, they are even more upset about Tafoya’s return. Social media users are making their disgust loud and clear.






Well I guess I’ll find something else to do since @ABC @TheView wants to get ings by bringing Michele Tafoya on next week. #TheView

Someone else said, "Umm really? Why is Michele Tafoya coming back? She has been the worst guest co-host so far. #theview."

Another person wrote, "Thanks to @theView for the WARNING about @MicheleTafoyaTV 's upcoming return...won't be watching..that woman does not deserve a platform..she has shown us who she is..we believe her you should too."