The View hosts had a lot to say about Kim K’s viral clip telling people to “get off your f*****g ass and work.”

Kardashian has been in the news yet again, this time making headlines in an interview with Variety where she claimed that “no one wants to work these days.”

There has been plenty of pushback on social media, and now the ladies of The View have weighed in.

'The View' pushes back on Kim K's claim

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During today’s episode of The View, the panel discussed Kardashian’s controversial interview, in which she offered women in business advice on advancing their careers. Kardashian said in the interview for women to “get off your f*****g ass and work.”

Whoopi Goldberg pushed back on the statement, saying that Kardashian’s advice simply wasn’t true.

Joy Behar agreed with Goldberg, saying, “A leg up is what you need in that world,” she said, detailing that her mother, who was a sewing machine operator was the hardest working person she has ever known, and asks,  “Who works harder than that?”

Sunny Hostin chimed in saying, “It helps to be born rich also, like she was.”

She continued,  “She had a wealthy father, she had a mother who was a business manager, she’s pretty. I just think that people that are born on third base shouldn’t be talking about how easy it is to hit a home run.”

Stephanie Grisham, who is a conservative and is serving as a guest host this week, said that she was “inspired” by Kardashian’s words, as the daughter of a working single mother.

She also brought up Kardashian’s work on prison reform.

Sara Haines agreed with Grisham, saying that “if you take the messenger away from the message, she’s not wrong.”

She went on to say, “I think social media has had a massive influence on a generation of people who think things are easy that aren’t.”

Behar chimed in with the last word on the subject replying to Grisham and Haines saying, “You just presented another aspect. That doesn’t dismiss the fact that she sounded tone-deaf in that comment.”

Watch the clip below: