Ted Cruz is getting flack from the co-hosts of The View for his comments about the women Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson has dated. The ladies were less than happy about his description of the women. They also sent a note to the politician about his activity on social media.

Ted Cruz comments that Pete Davidson dates “hot women”

The politician spoke with Cruz on his podcast Verdict With Ted Cruz and his dating life was a hot topic. Davidson, who is currently dating Kim Kardashian, was asked about his dating history. 

“Pete Davidson, alright. How come that dude gets all of these hot women?” Cruz asked him, referring to Kate Beckinsale, whom Davidson dated in 2019. Cruz added, “You’re talking Underworld, you’re talking super hot vampire in black leather trench coat, and you’re like, really? This SNL dude? Like, wow.”

Whoopi Goldberg says it’s disrespectful to Ted Cruz’s wife

Goldberg was no fan of the question and the way Cruz described the women in Davidson’s life. In fact, she says his wife should be offended. He’s been married to his wife since 2001.

“Heidi Cruz, this is two,” Goldberg noted. “This is the second time he’s just not paid any attention to what you might be feeling.”


Ana Navarro says Cruz need sto get off social media

Navarro found it inappropriate. “I want to know, how come that dude is a U.S. senator and is doing a podcast and spends so much time trolling on Twitter? I mean, does he think that he’s gonna lead by being a social media influencer?” she asked.

Sunny Hostin agreed with Navarro, saying, “I don’t understand why he has a podcast, quite frankly, talking about this kind of stuff”

Joy Behar was the one who took her critique the furthest, using jokes, of course. “I don’t understand why he’s fantasizing about going to Cancun with Kate Beckinsale,” Behar said. “‘Cuz that’s really — at night, he’s got these fantasies of her in this leather. It’s a little S&M thing going on.”

Watch a clip below: