We’re officially less than one week away from the live playoffs on The Voice, and the coaches are having a difficult time choosing who should move forward.

According to Ariana Grande, “more knockouts … more decisions I’m not emotionally equipped to make.”

“It’s really hard watching good people go home,” John Legend stated. “Once you get to the knockouts, everyone’s good. These decision have been tough for all of us.”

During this week’s mentoring Ed Sheeran noted that Team Legend would have difficulty in choosing this week’s winner. “You have a great team and a tight choice ahead of you,” Sheeran told Legend. “If I had a steal, I would steal one of you.”

Paris Winningham and Jershika Maple didn't ease the difficulty.

Maple chose “Inseparable” by Natalie Cole while Winnigham went for Chris Stapleton’s “Tennessee Whiskey.”

Both performers received standing ovations.

“I can’t actually sit down because it would be disrespectful,” Clarkson stated.

Reminding Clarkson that she allowed Maple to be stolen, John Legend quipped, “Kelly shouldn’t have let you go.” Shelton added, “I can’t believe Kely. I felt like Jershika was going to come out here and pour a little more salt in the wound and you did. I love you for that.”

“It’s not fair that I have to choose one of you,” Legend said.

Grande admitted she was emotionally drained and called for the rules to be changed.

“Can we change the rules of this show just this once?” she asked.

Unfortunately the rules remained the same.

When Legend announced Maple as the winner, Shelton used his save to keep both performers in the competition. “I mean, he sang a country song for God’s sakes,” Shelton noted.

Watch the performance below: