As many expected, Senate Republicans voted along party lines Monday night to confirm Judge Amy Coney Barrett as the newest Justice of the Supreme Court.

The vote, which was part of an effort by Republicans to fast-track the confirmation after the death of liberal Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg just over one month ago, cemented a clear conservative majority for the Court. As Blavity previously reported, various media outlets and social media users have raised a number of objections about Barrett's qualifications, but none of these prevented President Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell from pushing through the nomination and confirmation.

Republicans celebrated the accomplishment.  Shortly after the final vote, President Trump hosted a swearing-in ceremony for now Justice Barrett.  Pretending to learn a lesson from the White House event that surrounded her nomination and became a superspreader event for COVID-19 (possibly infecting the president himself or allowing him to spread his infection to others), most of those at Monday night’s ceremony wore masks and practiced social distancing. The House GOP Judiciary Committee, which wasn't run by catty teens last we checked, still tweeted a message to Hillary Clinton (who, remember, is not running for anything) to note that Barrett’s confirmation came on Secretary Clinton’s birthday.

Secretary Clinton, for her part, painted the confirmation of Barrett as a threat to healthcare and urged voters to vote out the Senate GOP members.

Senator Kamala Harris told a reporter of the confirmation that “we won’t forget this,” according to the Hill.  While Representative Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, meanwhile endorsed the plan by progressive Democrats to expand the number of justices who serve on the Supreme Court and fill the new slots with liberal appointees.

While we won’t know for some time if Democrats will end up changing the composition of the Supreme Court, Barrett’s addition is likely to have significant impact very soon. Here are five groups whose lives may now be at stake with Barrett's newly appointed authority: