These Brilliant Twitter Theories Are Holding Us Over While We Wait For Donald Glover To Explain That ‘Atlanta’ Episode

We're still feeling creeped out and we just want to know...what was the purpose?

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| April 06 2018,

10:20 pm

Donald Glover put 'Atlanta' fans through a theoretical wringer on Thursday. 

Last week, we followed the shenanigans of a frenzied, side-hustling, duplicitous barber in the show's "Barbershop" episode, which was centered around Paperboi -- played by Brian Henry Tyree. In retrospect, we didn't realize how easy we had it until this Thursday.

For 41 uninterrupted minutes, viewers followed Darius, a beloved character played by LaKeith Stanfield, on a quest to obtain a free piano he claimed to have desperately needed in his life. He arrives to a mansion in a U-Haul truck while jamming to Stevie Wonder and is eventually greeted by the eerie and off-putting Michael Jackson-adjacent character of Teddy Perkins -- who some believe is played by Donald Glover himself. (Spoilers ahead)

As the episode unfolds, Perkins -- and his home -- appear increasingly weird. We discover the piano was once owned by Teddy's brother, Benny Hope, a '60s/'70s-era musician who is locked in the mansion's basement and who, in the final moments of the episode, kills both Teddy and himself. Throughout the episode, numerous references are made to Jordan Peele's "Get Out," which Stanfield also starred in, amplifying the show's already sinister nature.

The sixth episode of "Robbin Season" was strange. At best, it's a gripping commentary on the troubled lives led by some of the most profoundly talented artists. Thus far, the haunting and epic episode was unarguably the most notable of the series, with some social media users even insisting it's Emmy-worthy.

But before we can get to any talk of award season, we got questions,  and they desperately need answers.As we try to dissect Donald Glover's mindf***ery,  the Twitterverse has alleviated some of our analytical woes by offering a few explanations about what exactly went on in that commercial-free span of our Thursday night. Here are a few:  

Just read a pretty amazing theory on tonights #AtlantaFX episode. Going to thread it here.— Sammy H. 🐻 (@sammylemar) April 6, 2018