It appears that old-fashioned, overt racism is staging a comeback. The polished, subtle, dog whistle racism, formerly known as "progress," is quickly giving way to a more in your face iteration. These once undercover racists have decided to bring their bigotry "out of the closet". Despite the nation's irrational obsession with time travel and the neurotic ambition to "Make America Great Again," those self-proclaimed good ole' days are over as rapidly shifting demographics have the United States primed to become a majority, minority country within the next 30 years. In spite of every systemic attempt to sabotage this reality, there is no escaping it. Photo: Bravo

Still, those grasping for dear life to the last fraying shreds of supremacy are letting their bigot flags fly with highly publicized random racist outbursts on social media. In many cases, the culprits are notoriously known as white women. Their target? The one and only First Lady Michelle Obama. To their own detriment, these risky racist trolls continue to come for the FLOTUS.

Here are just a few examples of recent instances when racists have tried it and lost.

A Denver doctor who made racist comments on Facebook about Michelle Obama:

Dr. Michelle Herren, who works a The University of Colorado's School of Medicine, recently got her faculty appointment snatched for making racist comments about Michelle Obama. In an interview with The Denver Post on Thursday, school spokesperson Mark Couch said, "She has expressed values that are at odds with ours and she has compromised her ability to meet the teaching and patient care mission of the School of Medicine."

A West Virginia non-profit director who referred to Michelle Obama as an "ape in heels.":

In a similar incident, Pamela Ramsey Taylor's impulsive racist outburst cost her the role as director for the Clay County Development Corporation. Her friend, the Mayor, soon resigned too after commenting on the post.

A Mortgage Loan Officer posted this derogatory tweet:

In response to First Lady Michelle Obama's flawless speech at the 2016 Democratic National Convention, Lisa Greenwood decided to take her utter disdain of the FLOTUS to Twitter. As a result, the mortgage loan officer was swiftly let go by her employer with the release of this statement:

Senior VP of Regions Bank fired after racist Facebook post went viral:

June Pridmore, former Senior VP of Loan Operations for Regions Bank, was fired after posting on Facebook racist comments about President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama, that went as far as likening them to enslaved Africans.
These are just a few examples of white women who have taken L's on behalf of their projectile racism. There are less than 30 days left in 2016 and still time for racism to be checked. Who got next? This level of savagery carried out by Caucasian women is no doubt emblematic of the current political and social climate. The sheer outrage of witnessing, for the past eight years, a black family gracefully and courageously thrive at the highest level of the land, despite all attempts to thwart them, has driven racists to madness.

Still, I empathize with the confusion that these everyday Americans must feel. An elegant, well-educated black woman holding an elite title over the average white woman must be a hard pill to swallow. Is it Mrs. Obama's class or the admiration for her held by millions causing these women to put their own livelihood on the line? While they are being held accountable for their vile proclamations and impulsive racist outbursts, Donald Trump has been promoted to the highest office in the land in spite…or perhaps because of this.