The first day after Black History Month, a Caucasian brother from another mother, Jason Chesnut declared March as #WhitenessHistoryMonth on Twitter

Photo: tumblr
Photo: tumblr
Much like a similarly-titled month celebrated at a Portland college, the hashtag was initially met with opposition. But once explained, many soon supported his effort. Here are the 17 things we learned on the first day of #WhitenssHistoryMonth

1. The definition of #WhitenessHistoryMonth according to Chesnut.

2. What #WhitenessHistoryMonth is not.

3. White supremacy's ills predated the actual founding of this nation.

4. The definition of whiteness within this context.

5. Exploring whiteness is not meant to demonize or shame white people.

6. It isn't a ploy of the so-called White Man's Burden or White guilt.

7. It's a necessary process to undoing a legacy of wrongs.

8. It was not established to hinder or devalue other celebratory efforts.

9. It opens dialogue concerning race as it pertains to other social movements.

10. It's a retort to the "Why do we have [insert minority group] History Month?" question.

11. It isn't about a person or persons.

12. Displays how white supremacy affects everybody.

13. Makes plain how being a nice person =/= not being racist.

14. The month initiates opportunities to teach all of American history.

15. It eliminates the ally's excuse "I don't see color."

16. It exposes the hypocrisy some allies are unknowingly supporting.

17. Confirms the work and struggle is not in vain.

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