Beyoncé snatched the wigs of the Beyhive and beyond during her iconic Beychella performance in April. The dope performance dedicated to HBCUs and black culture has since been dutifully rehearsed by many a Bey stan.

But Floyd Wimberly and his cousin Amber took getting into Beychella formation to the next level when they combined the unforgettable performance with a cousin’s prom night. Thanks to her cousin, Kanaya Joseph, a senior at Benton Harbor High School in Michigan, had the prom send-off of a lifetime that’s become a viral sensation.

We spoke to Floyd, a 26-year-old Chicago native about the video that’s been hitting timelines everywhere.

What about Beyoncé's Coachella routine inspired you?

Everything about Beyoncé's Coachella routine inspired me. The HBCU band explains it all. The level of black culture she speaks of, everything we as black people are afraid to come out and talk about. I was really inspired.

How did the idea to recreate Beychella for prom come about?

The idea to recreate Beychella for prom came about a family member wanting me to perform again for another family member before Beychella even came about, and I had no idea of what to do. Back in 2016, Beyoncé's "Formation" was out. Everyone loved that song which I performed for another family member, Autumn Murdock's, prom send-off. Fast forward to 2018, Beyoncé hadn't come out with any single of her own just yet. So I was like “it’s going to be hard to perform because it isn’t any new Beyoncé song out." Then, here comes Beyoncé performing at Coachella. Once I saw the world keep reposting the O.T. Genasis break down routine, there went the light bulb in my head! I called on my dance partner and cousin Amber Murdock to help me make this prom entrance come to life once again, and she was on board. We learned the routine just 24 hours before the actual prom send-off.

Do you dance for a living?

I’m currently in retail, but I’m in acting school. From time to time I perform for birthday parties, prom send-offs, weddings, graduations and other major gigs. 

When did you begin dancing? Do you plan to continue pursuing dance?

I began dancing in my early childhood around the age of 2. I absolutely plan to make a career of dance and so much more, but dancing seem to be the highlight of my life right now. I want to be a professional choreographer and back up dancer.

Did you anticipate the video going viral?

No, I didn’t anticipate on the video going viral because the world has seen me go viral back in 2016 with the Beyoncé "Formation" prom send-off. I didn’t think they would be interested in seeing it again, but I did feel it was going happening again because Beychella was being talked about a whole month later. You just kept seeing people post themselves performing it side by side on social media. Once I posted the video on my Instagram account, within 24 hours my notifications starting blowing up. That was the moment I knew I started something again.

Check out the full clip of the epic prom send-off on YouTube