Managing depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts and other mental health issues can be trying. Sometimes, a single person can make all the difference, and their love and empathy can save a life.

Sometimes, that one person can be your mom. 

Cue Demetrius Harmon, a 20-year-old ball of wonderful creativity who decided to dedicate a portion of his Edsel Ford 2018 commencement speech to the most important lady in his life: his mama.

Harmon tweeted a clip from his speech, captioning it, "I never told my mom this but she saved me from killing myself, I got the chance to tell her in front of all of these people."

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Yeah … we weren't alone in the sobbing sentiment. 

“I’m not just alive for my mother, but I live for my mother” bruh— A $ A P C I L L A (@Priscillaokay_) June 21, 2018— danii (@lmaoitsdani) June 21, 2018

I'm not crying…— angi???? (@adoringaladdin) June 21, 2018

I was on the verge of tears. I feel the same way about my mom. I don’t know what I’d do without her. ???????? I love her so much!— Terry Thomas (@kiddynamite432) June 21, 2018

Wow I aspire to be that amazing of a mom— Karla ???? (@karlaahhx) June 21, 2018

Me af right now— Issa_BlackQueen ???? (@IssaQueen_17) June 21, 2018

Harmon is an actor, poet and model who starred in Camp Unplug, Vine's first "long series." He and his castmates were nominated for Best Ensemble Cast at the Streamy Awards, and he won Best Vine Comedian at the Shorty Awards. 

Congrats Demetrius, we're glad you're here! Check out the full speech below!