Atlanta resident and Florida A&M University alum Darnell Jordan always wanted to be an actor, but hadn't had a chance to step in front of the camera until he won a role in Marvel's latest blockbuster Black PantherWTXL reports.
In 2016, Jordan's life changed for the better. The budding actor learned from his photographer that the Marvel project was being shot in Atlanta, and director Ryan Coogler was looking to cast extras. Jordan decided to throw his hat into the ring, and submitted his photos.
Focused on his work as a model and fitness trainer, Jordan did not expect to receive a congratulatory email in February of 2017, which stated he was chosen to be in the film. He was cast as one of the Border Tribe Warriors, which guard Wakanda’s boundaries.

“This was the first film set I’ve ever stepped foot on,” said Jordan. Jordan graduated from FAMU in 2006 not with an acting degree, but with a degree in interdisciplinary studies with a concentration in exercise science. He has used his education to be a successful fitness trainer, but wanted more. 

And he got it in Black Panther. Jordan says it is an experience he will never forget.

“In hindsight, I’m just in awe of all the talented people I had the privilege of working with. The set was like family,” said Jordan. “Seeing so many African countries and cultures being represented in arguably the biggest movie of 2018 was an experience.” 
Currently, Jordan is a stand-in on The CW drama Dynasty. He continues to move his acting career forward, and will never forget who gave him his big break.
“So, thankfully I listened to him because I got an email inviting me to the open call. That’s when I met casting agent, Tammy Smith, whom I had no idea would change my life forever,” Jordan said.