So what happens when the wizard world crosses the land of Beyhivery (which is not a word)? Pure magic happens. Dominique of The Storyscape, dedicates her videos to music and literature. Her latest inspiration casts a Bey-themed spell on Harry Potter’s homeboy Ron Weasley using his main squeeze, Hermione Granger.

(It’s totally a Hogwarts thing, but you get the gist of the tale.)

Photo: Giphy
Photo: Giphy

Like Bey, Hermione had no desire to look “jealous or crazy” but she had to pump the brakes and let Ron know it’s time to stop playing games. The magical world of Hogwarts is obviously told through the eyes of Harry Potter. Once he hit year six, the love games between Ron and Hermione reached an all-time high. Dominique gave us another viewpoint at the budding romance with her tune, “Wand Up”.

Where did the idea come about?

“Well, I obviously love Beyoncé and Hermione Granger and they’re both examples of the kind of woman I hope to be. The lyrics just sort of popped into my head when I was practicing ‘Hold Up’ on the guitar,” Dominique told me. “I think the first thing that came to me was ‘I’ma crucio a witch’.”

Dominique is a huge aficionado of storytelling, so naturally the creator of Harry Potter has contributed to her interests over the year.

“I really love stories and words. Like the OG J.K. Rowling says, ‘Words are our most inexhaustible source of magic.’ My overall mission of The Storyscape is to have a show that’s like a Reading Rainbow but for adults. Think Mr. Rogers meets Dave Chappelle meets Erykah Badu.”

She’s no stranger to parodies. About a month ago she took on the “Readhanna” persona for a “Work” parody about her love of loving books with bae.

The most important question here, if the Harry Potter squad were all Muggles, who would be the biggest Queen Bey stan?

“Ironically, I think Lavender Brown would be the biggest Bey fan, and I low key think Neville Longbottom is in the Beyhive too.”

Photo: Tumblr
Photo: Tumblr


Dominique totally nailed it! Keep the #BlackGirlMagic going and share this video with your friends.


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