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This Innovative App Bridges High School Students To Their Dream HBCU

Everything you need to know about your favorite HBCU at the tip of your fingers.

Furthering your education is important now more than ever. Unfortunately, choosing the right college will probably be the first (of many) hard “grown up” decisions that you have to make and you don’t want to get it wrong. Just like everything else, there’s an app for that!

HBCU HUB was created to help students looking to attend one of the nation’s 86 Historically Black Colleges and Universities straight from their smartphones. According to Southern Digest, the app provides some of the most important information people look for when choosing a historically black college to attend. One of its main features is each HBCU is ranked using a “report card” system, listing academics, costs and overall ranking on a scale from A to F. Besides this feature, the app provides an online chat community, scholarship information, and connects students with a digital personal tutor and gives tips for resumes and job interviews.

The mastermind behind the app is Jonathan Swindell, a 21-year-old Junior at Grambling State University from Los Angeles, who initially designed the app in a design competition at his university. “It’s a lot easier to get information on a PWI,” Swindell stated. “They’re a lot bigger and have a lot more resources behind them, whereas, at an HBCU, the information can be a bit scattered, so I saw a pain point within our community and HBCU HUB serves to fix that.”

Photo: Southern Digest

Swindell won first place at that competition and decided to rebrand the app to change that app from just HBCU students connecting with each other to bridging the gap for high school students to their dream school, making it accessible to all.

“We offer a free service called HUB Packs where the user is asked to answer questions such as, are you ‘High School Faculty, High School Student, Transfer Student, Graduate Student’, from there we make the transition easy by sending the information they need to apply for said HBCU of interest,” Swindell explained while showcasing the app. “This is just an example of how our organization has left no stone unturned in hopes to benefit any and everyone,” he finished.

The HBCU HUB App has more than a thousand downloads is being used in more than 32 states and five countries since it’s release. It’s available for both Apple and Android devices for free. Follow them on Twitter for any and all updates.

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