Does anyone watch former President Obama’s, farewell speech over again? I tend to watch it when I need a little HOPE, inspiration, and empowerment. He is who he is because of Mrs. Michelle Obama and his words “I am asking you to believe not in my ability to bring about change, but in yours.” later stating “I am asking you to hold fast to that faith written into our founding documents…” beautifully ends it with “Yes We Did. Yes We Can.” Never fails I get chills and full on ugly cry each time.

With how this country is being run, young women especially minorities have to change the system. The system broken, or staged was never meant for us, crying out with stained cheeks. Fist held above our heads, cracking voices yelling “We Shall Overcome”. Nine times out of ten we get closer, however ten times out of nine we get knocked down. Change is going to come, when? Just look around, each day we hold our head a little higher, pulling our worth off the shelf and carrying it proudly.

I see this younger generation, Generation Z, making strides. With actress/activist Yara Shahidi saying “I don’t know everything. I know a fraction of what there is to know and I don’t think I will ever know everything, but it’s important to me to constantly challenge myself, to understanding different viewpoints, really understanding nuance in topics, so I can feel qualified in what I say, so I’m not preaching falsely of what I’m unaware of.” Miss Yara, young yet mature strong voice gives HOPE to her generation. Making it acceptable to ask questions, get involved, do research and discuss.

In a time where so many of women’s’ rights are being questioned, we need young women stepping up and having a strong voice. That is what artist and designer Kyemah McEntyre, did when she wore her Dashiki printed dress to prom: “My prom dress was a response to the criticism Black women receive for being exactly who they are. I recognized the platform I had; I decided to use that moment to spread some truth. I am tackling social issues through fashion design, by influencing the way women feel and look in their clothes, with grand African prints and revealing silhouettes. My paintings and designs dismantle European beauty standards, which is why it became therapy for myself and other Black women. By taking the risk of depicting controversial ideas, I hope to encourage other women to love [themselves] regardless of society’s expectations.” Miss Kyemah not only inspires and empowers younger girls but women to embrace their bodies.

We all play a crucial role in how we live out our days. Living in fear is not an option, however, we are calculated in every step. We learned early on that our actions warrant unpleasant reactions. How to overcome, and in the honorable words of Mrs. Michelle Obama "When they go low, we go high." Like you I have disadvantages placed in front of me, defeats hanging all around me. One I am a woman, two I am black, and three having a voice-a loud voice.

I take all this magic, charge it up and let it escape my fingers the only way I know how, within my writings. I am everything, anything and nothing at the same time, I take pride in being a vocally strong woman. Whatever your role is in making this world a better place for yourself as well as others I applaud you, I encourage you and never forget your voice, allow it to be heard. If tears come just understand its from a passionate part of you. This may be a man’s world but it would be nothing without a minority woman or a girl, remember to empower each other.