Thank goodness for memes. We're living in tough times right now, and it is nice to escape those moments for a spell of joy. Because Black Twitter is made up of the world's greatest detectives, we've been learning the original sources of many memes which have gone viral.

The source for one of these memes, an African man is expressing his extreme excitement to his woman friend (dubbed the "OMG Wow" meme) was just revealed.

Here it is in action:

So what's the source?

The meme comes from a scene in 2012 Ghanaian film, Azonto Ghost, according to OkayAfrica. The film stars Lil Wayne (not to be confused with the American rapper of the same name), Bill Asamoah and Benedicta Gafah and comes from AA Productions.

Director, producer and screenwriter Scilla Owusu gave some context of the film's now-popular scene as well as confirmed that the film is in Twi, a major language in Ghana.

"The woman is pregnant, but she was too shy to tell her husband. The husband finally convinces her to tell him what news she was hiding from him," noted Owusu. "She then lets him know she's 3 months pregnant. He's so happy and gives thanks to the Lord and is very relieved to hear the great news."

There's only one appropriate way to react to this revelation: