Lena Pringle, a news reporter at News4Jax in Jacksonville, Florida, went on assignment to a haunted house and her reaction was hilariously relatable. 

Pringle attempted to walk her way through a haunted house while reporting on-air and talking back to the anchors in the newsroom. 

"I'm OK. Just as long as nobody..." the reporter starts before being scared by a bloodied man walking behind her. 

Pringle's coworkers attempted to coach her through the haunted house, telling her to take some deep breaths. 

"OK, we are going to try and help you out. There's someone behind you," one of the anchors tells her. "Just keep moving forward. Don't look back."

 She temporarily gains her composure to try and tell viewers about visiting the haunted house before being scared and falling to the ground.

"OK, I'm gonna toss it back. I gotta go," she says laughing after getting back up.