This Little Girl At The White House's Take Your Child To Work Day Press Briefing Is All Of Us

Black girl in orange = mood.

Take Your Child To Work Day
Photo Credit: Photo: Doug Mills/New York Times

| April 26 2018,

9:23 pm

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders held a mini press briefing in honor of Take Your Child To Work Day at the White House on Thursday. Along with Sanders' own children, many of the White House press corps' kids were present, basically serving as a tiny press. 

During the baby press conference, Sanders announced that President Trump will head to the United Kingdom for a "working visit" to meet with Prime Minister Theresa May, according to the BBC

The children were allowed to ask questions following that announcement.

As every single other kid raised their hands to ask the press secretary questions, this adorable black girl in orange stood out. 


Lots of adorable photos of kids raising their hands were spread across social media, but this girl looked like she wanted to leave immediately. Valid.

We bet Auntie April Ryan would be proud! 

Now, we have to know, who is this tiny little force of black girl magic? And how can we find her parents and give them some dap? 

Twitter wanted to know, too, and while her identity is still a mystery, we have a feeling this child has a bright future ahead of her.