Women on the receiving end of thirsty DMs now have an ally by the name of Trevor Norris.

Norris shared on Twitter some simple but vital flicks that could service scores of women in need. He has created a line of unique photos that make it appear disinterested women are in a relationship.

Women receiving unwanted messages, such as dick pics, can send a picture of Norris. The four photos include the meme model staring with a displeased expression, a photo of him seemingly next to you in bed and a photo of the fake boyfriend walking around in a bedroom. 

Like any good businessman, his first batch was free. But if a person wants specialized photos, Norris is open to making them for a small fee, of course. 

Believe it or not, the now-viral photos have seemed to work well for few women wanting to curb a man's advances.  

But some women underestimated the men they were trying to turn down. Those unlucky few couldn't outsmart the bugaboos. 

While the photos and popularity of Norris' service may seem like a joke, his tweet was inspired by real-world street harassment, rejection killings and digital harassment women face.

Two cases where a simple no turned into a death sentence for the women became national headlines last year. In one, Dr. Tamara O'Neal, who worked at Chicago's Mercy Hospital, was murdered by her former fiancé after calling off their engagement in November. Around that same time, Aisha Fraser was stabbed to death by the father of her daughters, who also happened to be a judge, amid the finalization of their divorce. 

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