The Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association, a Muslim youth group, is stepping up to lend a hand to closed national parks amid President Donald Trump's federal government shut down.

CNN reported that, in recent weeks, volunteers have picked up litter at parks like Joshua Tree in California, the Everglades National Park in Florida and Cuyahoga Valley in Ohio. 

The organization shared a post over the weekend encouraging followers to join them in picking up trash.

"The govt shutdown means that our beautiful national parks are overflowing with trash. This weekend, our #MuslimYouth will clean our #NationalParks at #JoshuaTree and #Cuyahoga. Join us! #WhatMuslimsDo," the association wrote

According to The Philadelphia Inquirer, the national organization for Muslim youth has over 50 chapters around the country. One member shared that they are cleaning to help show love to their neighborhood, debunking misconceptions about Islam. 

“There’s a lot of false things that are against Islam and how they teach hatred and to hate your neighbor, but we’re actually told to love our neighbor and to help the neighborhood around us,” a volunteer shared. 

The federal government shutdown — which affects over 800,000 employees who are currently working without pay — began December 22 after Trump demanded $5 billion to build the Mexico border wall. Employees will remain furloughed until a resolution is reached. 

“We just came out here because we thought it’s our responsibility as a Muslim community to help the neighborhood and help the community,” a 17-year-old volunteer, Zubair Abaidullah said.

Groups in Cleveland and D.C shared photos of their service: 

Your work is appreciated! 

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