An Ohio daycare worker has been charged with multiple counts of child endangerment after she allegedly forced children in her care to fight for her entertainment.

Charvay Williams was taken into custody after an anonymous source sent videos of the baby brawls to the Columbus Police Department in June, according to WSYX. She was charged with 21 counts, each carrying a maximum sentence of six months in prison.

Investigators say Williams supervised 21 children, aged three- to five-years-old at Columbus, Ohio's Playtime Preschool’s playground. The 30-year-old allegedly used this authority to force the children in her care to fight, and recorded and posted the melees on Snapchat. None of the children involved sustained serious injuries.

Williams captioned the pictures with “knockout,” accompanied by smiley, crazy face and boxing emojis, reports The Columbus Dispatch. Court records claim the children were crying and “using a chair to try to escape the playground area while staff recorded the activity without a response.”

When questioned by police, Williams claimed she only filmed the fights to show how the children typically behave.

“Chavay Williams stated this type of activity happens every day and all the time,” read the court records. The police determined she acted alone.

However, another teacher who was on the playground at the same time, supervising another group of youngsters, admitted she saw the fights and did nothing to stop them. She will not be charged and is considered a witness. Williams will be arraigned on October 23.

The school fired Williams and another employee after they found out about the fights. Williams was employed there for six years.

Elisabeth Lawson, the owner of the center, told WSYX Williams’ personality changed after her mother was fired for an unspecified reason. Playtime has advertised itself as being the “largest black-owned preschool in Ohio,” and according to Lawson, 97 percent of its students live below the poverty line. She said parents have been notified of the incident and so far, none have removed their children.

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