The comedic genius behind the viral “How Men Communicate In 2018” video is back with another accurate video.

Animator Munirah posted a video titled “How to Get A Real One – Everything You Need to Know to Get Your King” featuring the guy from her last video.

The premise of this video is a talk show for “real n***as” where the bearded fella teaches women how to get a man. After a hilarious “ad” plugging beard balm for the brothers who struggle with facial hair, the dude explains the point of his talk show.

“If you want a dude thinking you strong and independent and a feminist, keep doing what you doing, sweetheart,” says the self-described “real n***a.” 

“But if you wanna get right and get a man, this is the show for you,” he continues. 

After a short commercial break, RN brings on a guest, “A Mo Real N***a,” to discuss females. RN’s description of Mo describes every ashy troll who might pop up under your Facebook status or in your Twitter mentions.

“He can currently be seen in your DMs thanking you for accepting his friend request, in the comment section of the Shade Room and at your hood gas station,” RN said of his friend.

It gets even more real when RN asks Mo what is wrong with women — or “females.”

“Females love to play the blame game. Ima say this one time for the one time. What kind of dudes y’all out here choosing? The man you entertain is a reflection of you, so if he ain’t s**t, what that make you? Be selective,” he responded.

Whew! How many times have you heard that, ladies?

The pair then takes calls where Mo praises polygamy, dubs himself a king and seems confused about what to call women when a caller asks about his use of females.

Munirah, keep them coming.

Check out the entire video below: