Facebook user Kimberly Manning shocked her online network — and maybe even herself — with photos from her recent outdoor skydiving excursion.

“I was boosting myself to be hype until we jumped. Then I lost MY MF MIND YALL. I cried, snot flew everywhere and then I died and woke up and started crying again. Save ya money y’all DONT DO IT!!! Im gone stick to jumping for a leap of faith before I EVER jump out am other [sic] plane,” Manning captioned the collage of photos.

In her series of pictures, Manning hilariously shared how she laughed, cried, panicked and released a sigh of relief during the activity.

“Jumped out that plane and the wind slapped me in my face I said eeeeeeeeeeeee,” she captioned the photo of her and the accompanying experienced diver. “Then I let out about 16 farts and thought I shiiii my pants.”

The skydiver, who also warned her friends and family about partaking in the excursion, shared that she “went up in the air with lipgloss” before discovering her lip moisturizer failed her.

“This when I woke up after fainting and realized we were still in the same altitude I fainted in,” Manning added.

She went on to share that when she finally pulled the parachute open to secure their safe landing, there was “snot and tears everywhere.”

Manning was honest, again, when she uploaded another photo, writing that she “was crying with the hiccups at this point.”

“I was so relieve we were in cruise mode with tears of joy that I almost survived,” she wrote.

Eventually, she revealed the safe landing had her seemingly speaking in tongues.

“I was like thannkkkyyyaaahhh hallelujah ashamala yayah meshha hyundai tokaameee hahaha,” Manning captioned the last photo.

While it seems Manning won’t be skydiving again, it’s unclear if she has any regrets about the experience.