I hope everyone realizes we are watching a living legend ascend and return to greatness once again. After a particularly trying election year, we needed something entertaining that would give us hope. 

Enter Dave Chappelle. 

I remember when the rumor of Chappelle hosting Saturday Night Live came out, I didn’t believe it. There was no way he was coming back. Then he not only came on SNL and dropped that ever-important monologue to kickoff the show, he then proceeded to smash the rest of his time on SNL. Between the election night skit, calling out racism or the classic The Walking Dead skit where he brought back a lot of the characters from his sketch comedy series, Chappelle killed it. The next day I felt empty. Did Dave Chappelle just tease his resurgence only to bounce like a basketball? Well, out of nowhere Netflix decided to tweet this: 

Fam, with 2016 choosing to show no regard to our feels, we’ve had numerous heroes step up and try to save us, Chappelle being one of them. The most interesting part of this news though is that Netflix is giving us THREE specials. I personally would’ve been satisfied with one special, but to get three is a dream come true.

 My mind is already running rampant with ideas, what if he brings hip-hop acts? What if the specials do well and we get even more? What if we get a 2016 rendition of Chappelle’s Block Party? The possibilities are endless! There aren’t many details, but either way this great news entering into 2017. For now you can revisit all of Chappelle’s skits on SNL below.