You come for King Kaepernick, you best not miss. A white fan of T.I.'s decided the rapper's Instagram comment section was the best place to complain about Kaepernick, and he was sorely mistaken.

The comment arose after T.I. posted a screenshot regarding Colin Kaepernick's collusion case and the possible Trump subpoena plot twist.

Follow the squeals… Find da pig!!! Let the games begin!!! #USorELSE✊????
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“Colin Kaepernick is a joke,” Instagram user buddygreen2323 wrote in the comment section. “If you don’t like this country feel free to leave.”

NOPE. T.I. was like, slow yo' roll!

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“B**ch y’all brought us over here after y’all raped, stole, cheated and tricked the true native out of their land!” T.I. replied. “So the real statement is … if you didn’t want us here you should have left those of us from Africa where [we] was at and built this sh** your damned selves! No mo talk!!!”


He tried it. And failed. 


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