Tiwa Savage and Brandy used the smoothness of their voices for their song "Somebody's Son," but the newly released music video has fans in awe. In the music video, the richness of Black love was on full display as Savage sang about somebody's son sweeping her off her feet one day.

"Somebody's son 'gon find me one day," the Nigerian singer sang as she shared the screen with melanated men adoring her beauty. 

The song, as the songwriter sings at the beginning, is the opposite of another sad love ballad, as she embraced the beauty of dreaming of meeting her forever plus one. 

"Tired of getting it wrong. This won't be another heartbreak song," Savage sings. "Worried, I'm not worried. No, I no look for embrace. Who wan settle for whatever and live your life forever displaced. My heart has been through much."

In addition to men with their adorning beards gracing the screen, other parts of the video showed young men being loved on by their dads.

The phrase "somebody's son" was popularized after an Instagram page was created to showcase Black couples displaying PDA. Followers have since used the phrase to refer to their boos. 

But as the two singers gave new life to the phrase, fans couldn't help but point out how relatable the song is. 

The song, which has surpassed 1 million views on YouTube, was a part of Savage's EP Water & Garri.